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We believe everyone has the power to style the world they want to live in. Create your space. Style your world.

Fashion Stylist provides you with the access to all of your favorite online retailers. We also provide style inspiration curated by location through My Style Cast; a newsletter created using subscriber zipcodes to deliver weather relevant style guides.

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Chris and Chelse SchultsMeet Chelse & Chris

The first time we met, Chris was traveling with my childhood friend before flying out Monday. We all stayed over the weekend in my tiny studio apartment in North Hollywood, CA. Chris and I were married in Madison, AL in November 2010.

We created Fashion Stylist in 2010 as a way to combine our skills and passions. We had a vision to live our lives unique to us. Since then, Fashion Stylist has evolved into a vehicle to empower others to style life unique to them as well.

Fashion Stylist strives to exceed industry standards and provide strategic relationships for our Advertiser partners. In 2015, we were honored to receive the Golden Link Award for Rising Star Publisher. We were also featured in the business section of The Ann Magazine.

Together, we have created a life with more joy then we could have ever dreamed. Our greatest joy is the family we have built. Read more about our experiences with open adoption at Ann Arbor Adoption.

Fashion Stylist Online also operates thanks to the continued feedback and style contributions of our users. From writing blogs to judging and showcasing looks, it helps us create the fashion-forward social network described above. We thank you for your continued support!

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